Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mark Shea gets it exactly right

Because Obama really is an enemy of the Church and has no compunction about surrounding himself with people who are quite nakedly contemptuous of Her. What is required is a cool-headed response to a very cool cucumber who is coolly implacable in his will to defeat the Church's teaching on a number of crucial points (albeit not all).
Read all of Why It's Important to Silence the Nutjobs.

It is de rigueur to keep smiling while in the spotlight of fame and prestige; it throws off suspicion of the masses ("If s/he's smiling, s/he can't feel guilty and/or have evil intent."). Secondly, one never dirties one's own hands in an executive position; let the henchmen do it for you. And thirdly, follow a plan of patient deconstruction of what you want eventually to destroy. It may take decades, but we can and will bring the Catholic Church to an ignominy it so richly deserves. And keep smiling. Waving. Smiling. Waving.

Time to batten down the hatches, Christians. The storm of human pride is upon us.


Athos said...

The hubris filled attempts to coerse the Catholic Church - from Tony Blair (tell me again why he converted to Catholicism?), to the Obama administration's hard ball tactics and chessboard machinations cannot change the Magisterium. They clearly do not understand that even the Holy Father is not empowered to make such "change".

David Nybakke said...

I don't think O or most that are caught up in his myth care what the Holy Father does for they are so into a mind that has "moved past the archic religious notions" and thus focused on releasing their power from within. And that includes most Catholics who smoked from that pipe.