Wednesday, January 24, 2007

On the theme of Don't Get Sucked in?

Or, What does it mean to be Catholic in a Protestant country?

From Cardinal George's column:

"There are many good people whose path to holiness is shaped by religious individualism and private interpretation of what God has revealed. They are, however, called Protestants."

What a great line, huh? Amy Welborn pulled this text out from Cardinal George's column and it sucked me right in and I am thankful it did. As he points out, and I completely agree, the "disappearance of external protections left the internal life of faith exposed to error and confusion." Hopefully we will see throughout the year in our liturgies across the country attempts to help Catholics-in-the-pews deepen their understanding of what it means to be Catholic; helping us to differentiate that from the Protestant interpretation of faith that we are inundated with in this country. I hope that with this effort to deepen our faith at the pulpit we are provided and encouraged to participate in on-going adult education that includes out reach opportunities in communities.

Here at the 3 Massketeer blog we have tried to provide a couple links for both on-going education opportunities like the Cornerstone Forum website and blog, and Jeff Cavins blog, as well as charity and out reach sites like The San Damiano Foundation. (Please tap into the other links on our sidebar as well. And as time allows we will be adding to these sites.)

The point of it all is that we can only fundamentally and finally avoid being sucked in by being sucked into something else. That something else is the great experiment called The Church.

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