Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday at Twilight

An inkling of heaven for Athos has always been Friday evenings, the promise of good food, good drink, and, best of all, a meeting with friends.

May the Three Massketeers one day in the not too distant future enjoy your company on the boulevard with a bottle or two of a passable vintage, a light bill of fare, and a foretaste of heaven in the exchange of ideas.

Until then, enjoy the exchanges of thoughts from our "rad trad Catholic Girardian Conserberalism" -- All for 1 and 1 for All.


Athos said...

In Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Merry and Pippin sit on the ruins of Orthanc smoking pipeweed and dining on remains the storehouse of Saruman. Such is how Gandalf the wizard, Legolas the elf, and Gimli the dwarf find them.

The latter is deeply distressed (at first) to see the prodigal young hobbits enjoying themselves after their stresses and labours. The hobbits, however, have faced great peril and trepidation themselves; they simply have a knack for being happy even in the ruination around them. And with a good will!

Tolkien was a devout Catholic. His epic story isn't so much an allegory of Catholic truth as a profoundly Catholic epic story, by his own admission.

Frodo, and his friend Sam, throw themselves into their sacrificial task with no promise of reward, other than saving Middle Earth. Yet they too are hobbits with hobbit spirits: love of good food, good drink, work with hands, and a good circle of friends.

Disdain not these qualities: they are truly human, as Jesus revealed with his friends the apostles.

Porthos said...

I would not be one to disdain bottle and bread in real time with my Massketeers. But alas, I fear such an opportunity will never come. When Aramis and yourself can do so (much more probable) you must raise a glass to your absent comrade-in-arms.