Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Invitation to THIS DANCE is the Meaning & Goal We All Seek

From Deacon Keith A Fournier, Editor in Chief for Catholic Online, THE TRINITY: LIVING IN THE FAMILY OF GOD.

...It is a "eucharistic" view of the role of humanity in the wonder of creation.

In the actual text of the oldest Liturgy of Christianity, at the Eucharistic offering, the priest proclaims that the offering of Jesus is "for the life of the world" (liturgy of John Chrysostom; cf. John 6:51). That sense of offering oneself for the life of the world, in Jesus, lies at the heart of understanding the Christian mission and the meaning of life itself.

We are all invited into that communion through baptism into Jesus Christ! The “dance” of our relationship with Him and in Him and for Him continues through our participation in life in the Church, which is His Body. The Church now extends its circle of invitation through our participation in the world which will one day become His “kingdom”. (See, Revelations 11:15).

We are invited into the complete union of love with God and in Him, with one another! This experience begins now in our daily ‘ordinary” lives and will only reach its consummation in the life to come where we will be fully given over to God in this “dance”, this dynamic life of love.

The invitation to this dance is the meaning and goal of the spiritual life. Our response to God’s invitation to the dance opens us up to the very core of the meaning of our human existence!

(This is a reference from notes taken from Gil Bailie's ERI talk #1 in Wheaton, IL)

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