Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mark Shea on Converts ...

Still Protestants At-Heart?
Read ”Cautionary Tales.”


David Nybakke said...

Thanks for posting this great article by Shea. I found that the attached comments (the back and forth questioning, dialoguing and attempts to explain) to the post were just as much a true witnessing of the Body of Christ as the original post.

Ath, is this post pointing to problems that some converts present to the Church a reminder to all of us converts - about us taking up humility as well as to take care of not falling back into the "protest" of our Protestantism?

Athos said...

As Shea says, Such folk are soon disconcerted that the people at Our Lady of Perpetual Ordinariness are not this haven of saints and scholars, but a bunch of regular people...We, Her members, are generally nebbishes and schleps. But She is glorious and beautiful, terrible as an army with banners.

That last bit is vvery Chestertonian, and why I am still taken with our Mass'keteer identities, Aramis.

Truth be told, however, Christ's holy Church, while populated with ordinary 'nebbishes and schleps' ALSO is comprised of saints, martyrs, and glorious exemplars who, no doubt, look down with incomparable love and patience on ME, a nebbish and schlep.

Shea is saying we converts must be cautious about being unsatisfied with catechesis, pew-warmers, and protest toward Mother Church in the world. The Lord of the Church knows what He is doing. At least that is my take!