Saturday, July 21, 2007

600 B.C., Huh?

You're going to like this if you receive unannounced visits from those wonderful bicycle-riding, clean-cut, white-shirt clad Mormon lads now and then. Carson Weber has a Mormon-stumper for you, and here it is. Enjoy!


Porthos said...

Mormon apologetics (which the young fellers will refer later to in their discomboluation) are suprprisingly sophisticated at the higher orbitals, and in my experience (have a very smart Mormon friend who's sent me books by Nesbitt, who he claims is the C.S. Lewis of Mormondom) they will be able to argue themselves into believing that the B of M MUST have been inspired on this point (for some reason or other). I think this type of zapper results more in a smug "gotcha" on the part of the author than in any movement toward conversion on the part of the target audience. (Are conversions ever really decided on the basis of such textual issues?) I suspect it might be better to plant seeds that get the LDS missionaries thinking on the deeper theology (the nature of God, Jesus, etc.). At least, that's how it tends to go when I hear the testimony of ex-Mormons.

Athos said...

I'm sending via emaila a "Primer on Mormonism" from a former colleague who had a Mormon in-law. Amazing stuff. It rivals Hindu cosmogonies.