Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Gift of Self - Tape 3

Desire - Compulsive Preoccupation With the Other

Girard says,

“Desire is what happens to human relationships when there is no longer any resolution through the victim.”

"There can be no ritualistic or victimary resolution to the modern crisis. The crisis can be stabilized at different levels according to the individual’s concern, but it always lacks the resources of catharsis and expulsion.”
Click here to read my transcript of the beginning of tape 3 (a review of tape 1 & 2) in Gil Bailie's series, The Gift of Self.

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Athos said...

Nifty idea setting up a blog site for longer posts, brother Aramis! (I will resist as long as possible.)

It'd be great to see Porthos around these parts, wouldn't it? (hint, hint)