Friday, July 20, 2007

Humility is the Word for the Day

When I read this in the Magnificat today it reminded me of the Mark Shea article that Athos posted here and how humility is such an important trait for us to have. I also think of this picture of St Clare holding up the Monstrance in defense of the monastery. She knew that it was not by her works that would save, but only by His Works. She emptied herself, rushed to Our Lord and presented Him to her enemies for protection. He must increase, but we must decrease. (Jn 3:30)

Meditation of the Day

A wise man said: The man who hides his fault cannot be saved, but the Lord has mercy on one who acknowledges his sin and repents. If you suffer injustice, the world will despise you. The Lord’s heart is set against the proud to humble them, and humility receives mercy forever.

If you take a humble role in all human affairs you will raise yourself above the rulers of the world. Let everyone see that you are really humble, and bow to others first as if they were the important ones. He who is renowned for his wisdom is humble among men, in spite of his wisdom and learning, and is wise in what he find in his spirit. Blessed is he who offers himself in everything he does, for he is raised above all.Those who make themselves humble for the Lord’s sake, and diminish themselves to the Lord, praise the Lord; and those who endure hunger and thirst for the Lord’s sake he will honor with suitable gifts.

Those who comfort others for his sake he will clothed in splendid garments, and those who are poor and in distress for his sake he will comfort with true riches…

The eyes of the Lord are on the humble: the prayers of the humble are heard as soon as they are spoken. Service and humility turn a human being into God on earth. Faith and mercy quickly lead to wisdom.

Blessed are those who for the love of the Lord plunge headlong into trials and troubles without anger or sadness; when they escape they soon reach safety in the harbor of the divinity, and through their good works come to God’s home and have rest from their troubles, rejoicing in their hope. Those who run the race of life in hope are not frightened by the trials on the way, nor do they cease from following it; on reaching the end of their course they see the Lord, and praise him for having saved from them perdition and from the many adversities they suffered in their ignorance.

John Moschus (+c.619) was a Byzantine monk and spiritual writer.

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