Thursday, July 26, 2007

Find Yourself Packing It On? Blame Friends

We get it yet we don't get it! After being made aware of Girard and mimetic theory little exercises like reading the paper becomes a whole new experience. See the following article here and re-member Girard's term 'desire' - compulsive preoccupation with the other(s). But alas, you get to the end of the article and see how 'science' bogs down under its own weight.

Interesting how the headline writer follows the Girardian/MT progression from desire to scapegoating (and you know where it goes from there...).

Also check out the link Can Obesity Spread? When you go to link a page comes up with a video and the title, "Is obesity Contagious?

We get it yet we don't get it!
Click here (wait a few seconds for it to activate) for an interesting display on OBESITY Trends in America.

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