Saturday, November 25, 2006

You Can't Always Get What You Want But Stick Around...

Thankfully Porthos has such a great and wide musical collection, whereas we would be always banging around with Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in The Sky

And we should be so blessed to have your contribution for wonderful art for if we relied on my collection we would always be looking at



Athos said...

Insider humor to which Aramis symbolically alludes.

Caption I - The Rooster:

Ask not for whom the rooster crows, it crows for you.

Caption II - The Th(St)inker:

How do I find my way back to Dashboard?!?

David Nybakke said...

Okay, here goes:
"You Can't Get What You Want" was the first song I had chosen to be played at my funeral. It no longer is my top pick.

"Spirit In the Sky" is the song my wife wants played at her funeral.

The Rooster is for Cursillo representing the wonderful breath and width of many colors of the Catholic Church.

The Th(St)inker is my love of the internet - picking up strange and different images to send along with my strange and different thought patterns. (The Twilight Zone is another favorite.)

So you can see why I needed help from you 2 to add class, beauty and smarts to what we do here at our blog.

Porthos said...

"So you can see why I needed help from you 2 to add class, beauty and smarts to what we do here at our blog."

Oh, yeah, right. Snort! Ha, ha, ha! Good one, Aramis! Best joke on the blog so far!

Nothing wrong with "Spirit in the Sky." Nice guitar work. Good vamp. No complaints.

Course, you'll have to run the theological content by Athos to see if it checks out.

["Spirit in the sky, eh? Hmmm. Sounds a bit non-incarnational to me. Smells like gnostic spirit. Not ready to put my Imprintooor on that puppy, no sirree Bob."]

And Aramis, I was going to write in response what I once wanted to have for my funeral music, then I said, "Noooooooo! This is too embarassing! I won't do it! I won't! I won't!"

Porthos said...

I got a buddy where I am who LOVES that driving 70s rock stuff (stuff that I used to sniff at but now find is actually pretty good). And he looks at me quizzically regarding most of the stuff I like (Eric Dolphy? Cacaphony!) . . . De gustibus non disputando