Monday, November 06, 2006

Hussein Sentence

From a Catholic viewpoint, should Saddam Hussein face a sentence of death by hanging? What about from a Girardian pov? Is there a difference?


Porthos said...

Wow, Athos, you really know how to launch a blog with a smiley face post!

I'm assuming--the way Catholic teaching is moving on this one--that it would be really hard to say, as a Catholic, that Saddam should be executed. It would be rather a question of how strongly or weakly one should condemn or, perhaps "regret" the verdict.

Girardian views would be--as always when faced with real-time rather than historically settled questions--merely confused and confusing. It's a (justifiably) enraged mob crying out for a scapegoat, right? No, wait. There is too much judicial process involved for that to really apply. But isn't the "judicial" "process" itself a scapegoating process? Well, yes it is. But, wait a minute, no it isn't. Not really. Or maybe. Sort of. Kind of but kind of not. Etc. etc.

David Nybakke said...

Hey Athos,
I wonder if the governor of Baghdad will get a letter from the Pope requesting a stay of execution?

Porthos, dear Porthos, it seems you strain your brain too much when it comes to Girardian thought. Surely, the "judicial""process" is too close to the accusatory and satanic grip to be free of scapegoating. And as Athos has said before, we are fully into the stage of the sacrificial crisis and as such even all of our checks and balances of the "judicial""process" are fueling the flames of rivalry. I think it is safe to say we are sitting on a keg of dyn-o-mite!

But fear not, the Massketeers are a foot once more.