Wednesday, November 22, 2006


they make your mouth turn green . . .

Comments, they taste like gasoline . . .

Comments, they make you vomment,

So don't make comments, or vomment todayyyyyyy . . .

By way of this infantile introduction I propose to explain our comment policy, or should I say rather our lack of a comment policy. For those readers who have attempted to make comments, we apologize. Comments are currently disabled except for comments by the Massketeers. This is because we can't really decide what to do about them. Should they be for everyone and anyone? For registered users only (in which case how do we handle the registration process?)? Should we even have comments at all? If we choose instead to recieve contacts via email, how do we set it up so that the email goes to all of us? Or should we have three separate emails visible?

Yes, we here at TTM are an evolving community, still trying to figure out how all these bells and whistles tingle and tweet. Comments were a default feature of the blog, and at this point we couldn't make that comment link disappear if we wanted to. And we may want to. Or not. Or something. Assuming you're still with us, or have any intention of coming back, please be patient as we sort these issues out.

The long and short of it is, Please don't bother making comments, because you can't, despite the appearance of the "comments" link under each post.

As time, opportunity and technical prowess allow (actually, Aramis is the only one who knows how to do anything around here, and he usually has to spend most of his time trying to explain it to Athos and I) we hope to work out a channel of communication that works, whether that involves the comment boxes or email addresses. But we don't have a timeline on that.

We thank you very much for visiting us and hope you are getting something (anything!) out of the blog! We are not high volume bloggers or comprehensive aggregators, but at our current rate, there ought to be at least one post by one of us up every day or two. Our content will most likely be in the areas of 1) Catholic spirituality, 2) mimetic theory, 3) art, music and lit sharing, and 4) religious and cultural issues.

PS/Edit: If I got any of that wrong, Aramis and Athos can straighten it out in this post or a new one!

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Porthos said...

A Comment on My Comment Post in Which I Explained Why Nobody But Massketeers Can Presently Make Comments

Aramis was wondering where that stupid poem came from and what it means. When I was a kid, there was a TV spot for Comet Cleanser that used the Bridge over the River Kwai theme. (Man, I've got to add that movie to my profile! Anyway . . .) So, there was a version of that song going around amongst us kids that went:

Comet, it makes your mouth turn green
Comet, it tastes like gasoline
Comet, it makes you vomit
So buy some Comet and vomit todayyyyyyy . . .

I thought every aging baby boomer knew that one . . .