Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What Is Conserberalism?

Conserberalism is a joke that Athos and Aramis didn't see the first time around, and then when they finally saw it, they just thought it was just a weird word. Which just goes to show . . . I'm not sure what, exactly. "Had to be there"? "Timing is everything"? "Location, location, location"?

When we first aired the idea of a blog, I wrote something like, "Hey guys, how about this: 'The Three Massketeers: Squaring the Circle of Our Rad Trad Girardian Catholic Conserberalism.'"

And I thought myself pretty darn clever to come up with the word "conserberalism."

Which only goes to show . . . I'm not sure what, exactly. "You're not as funny as you think you are, Porthos"? "What's the punchline"? "Humility, humility, humility"?

Conserberalism a mutant hybrid of conservatism and liberalism. I thought it expressed our cummulative cultural-political-sectarian take. That is, if you took all three of us, shook us up, put us through a blender, and poured the resulting substance out in any of our vintage "All 4 1" commemorative mugs, the resulting mixture would be (among other things) "conserberalism." Each of us is both "liberal" in a somewhat different way from the other two, and "conservative" in a somewhat different way from the other two.

Hence, "conserberalism."

Get it?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . . ha . . . ha . . . . . . . haaa . . .

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Athos said...

I'll try again in reply to Porthos' observations of conserberalism:

It gauls many progressive liberal fundamentalists that the Catholic Church won't take a vote on what truth happens to be, say, the way General Conference convenes every four years to decide the beliefs and practices of the U. Methodist Church.

Too, said liberal fundamentalists also jibe under the goad of Mother Church's unrelinquishing consist stances on a thing like, say (again he says 'says' - oi), life.

Now it seems that Cardinal Martino of the Pontifical Council for Justice says that the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein should not be put to death, even though he has been found guilty of committing crimes against humanity.

Here's a fine thing: the same Body that stands up for the smallest, most voiceless victims - unborn children - also stands up for not killing a certified, duly sanctioned tyrannical and murderous despot!

Go figure.