Sunday, November 26, 2006

Prayers for Benedict XVI

A Warm Welcome ...

Our prayers as we see a Turkish Welcome for the Holy Father .

What if we depicted an erstwhile pretender-Prophet with similar venomous intent?

Gil Bailie relates an interview with a convert from Islam to Christianity at the Cornerstone Forum Blogspot .

Note well the venomous training in mimetic rivalry toward Jews and Christians.

God speed Benedict XVI.

The Three Massketeers X X X


Athos said...

Maybe the best commentary on waiting and watching and preparing the way of the Lord comes from a quotation graciously offered via The Cornerstone Forum today, 11/26/06:

"Hence the importance of patience in the New Testament, which becomes the basic constituent of Christianity, more central even than humility: the power to wait, to persevere, to hold out, to endure to the end, not to transcend one's own limitations, not to force issues by playing the hero or the titan, but to practice the virtue that lies beyond heroism, the meekness of the lamb which is led." - Hans Urs von Balthasar

As the Holy Father ventures to Turkey, this 78-year old Pontiff with a great love of Old Christendom, reason and the power of Christ in his Church goes to witness. Our hope, faith and charity go with him too.

David Nybakke said...

Athos, about the von Balthasar quote, I love it. Can we take it out of the context that you have it in and put it along side the discussion of our need to be saved from sacrifice that Heim's book talks about? Is not part of the concept of sacrifice not getting it our own way, right now, instantly when we want it?

Seems to me that an important part of the study to stop violence is that we have to change a course way upstream long before it actually is headed for a violent outcome. This is where von Balthasar's quote comes in.