Friday, November 17, 2006

Jack Dejohnette 1

Thank the good Lord for You Tube.

Jack Dejohnette is the most expressive and delicate drummer I know.

Here he is doing "Blue,* with Herbie, Pat Metheny, and Dave Holland.

The same ensemble doing "Canteloupe Island":

Or with Keith Jarrett doing "Green Dolphin Street":

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Porthos said...

It was Aramis that turned those into workable links. Thanks, Aramis!

That is a great version of "Canteloupe Island" and it gets better on re-listenings. Herbie Hancock added a lot of jazz standards like this, with a "funk" element, into the jazz corpus.

This is a fantastic ensemble of musicians. I never really followed Pat Metheny, but he is brilliant here. Dave Holland I remember from the band "Oregon" but it's good to see him come into his own as a top session bassist. This is splendid music. I could really get lost in it.

There is a wonderful contemplative piece Jack Dejohnette did with John Abercrombie (guitarist) and Jan Garabeck (sp?) (keyboard) called "Timeless." I hope I can track it down. Have not heard it in ages.