Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jarrett, Dejohnette, Peacock

"When You Wish upon a Star"

Does a rhythm section get any better than this?

8 minutes. Open another window and use it as background music?

Whaddever ya want.


Athos said...

The eclectic nature of music in Athos' CD collection must be quite something, eh, Aramis?

David Nybakke said...

Porthos, just keep 'em coming.

Porthos said...

I don't have many CDs. That's why I'm gorging on You Tubes right about now. In a lot of cases, I'm rediscovering stuff I used to love, and rediscovering why I loved it. Part of this is Aramis' fault. We had to write down our favs in the profile and stuff, so I just started writing down all the greats I could remember, and then Aramis wanted us to share more about it in our posts.

David Nybakke said...

Yeah, blame it on me, Aramis the fall guy. Hey, but thank you for sharing and opening yourself up a bit for us to get to love you more. And isn't the internet just a fantastic thing? Who would have ever imagined that we would be sharing musical and video clips with one another so easily?

Porthos said...

I pretty much blame Aramis for everything that's wrong with the world, including stuff that happened before Aramis was born. Got a problem with that, Ar?

No, actually, it was nice of you to ask for more sharing and I've been enjoying it! I must say, though, my art commentary leaves much to be desired ("Well, over in the corner there you can see this thing, and then there's a bunch of stuff in the foreground. And the background, too, come to think of it. Don't know what it means, really, but it's kind of pretty, isn't it?")