Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ecce Ancilla Domini - Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Porthos said...

Cool! I love this one, and recognize it from somewhere . . . might even be Pelikan's book again!

In Pelikan's telling, the questions that came up, as artists represented Mary through the ages, played a part in the development of Marian docrines.

So, like, when are we going to change our sub-heading to "Squaring the Circle of Our Rad Trad Catholic Pre-Raphaelite Girardian Conserberalism"?

Athos said...

How's about "Pre-Raphaelite-Revival Girardian Conserberalism"?

Porthos said...

Can't we get a "neo" in there somewhere?

Porthos said...

BTW, if this is how the Pre-Raphaelites protray Gabriel, how would the Pre-Gabrielites portray Raphael?

Just asking.