Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Phobia, Wisdom and Love

That Mona Burqa Smile

Spence at Jihadwatch juxtaposes two interesting phrases: Italian PM and Muslim convert to Christianity targets of jihadist death threats; Islamic conference decries "Islamophobia".

Isn't it beginning to look like the wise thing to be - in a state of watchful, prayerful "Islamophobia"?

Of course, for those more saintly and loving, one can also try to convert them. But till such grace allows, be vigilant, prayerful, and "innocent as doves and wise as serpents" as Our Lord recommends.


David Nybakke said...

Dear Ath,

What's it suppose to mean, what John Paul II's theme and life was about? Jesus' most frequent saying, 'do not be afraid.' We are to understand this by the transformation of the way we had and always re-generate culture (by our violence) to the love of the Triniune God of Love.

Could it be the most challenging concept in all of scripture? Could it be the most difficult for all of humanity? But what else is there?

Perfect Joy is really about this struggle to overcome our desire to retaliate - to get even - and to actively and steadfastly persevere in the hope and love of Our Lord Jesus (not our way, but His Way be done). This image of Francis has stayed with me and is one of the reason why I am professing into the SFO this August.)

Athos said...

"Do not be afraid" is NOT the same as being watchful, prayerful, and wise. That's like saying the Boy Scout motto - Be Prepared - is in opposition to Jesus' command to "take nothing for the journey."

Striving to seek first the K of God and his righteousness (Mtt 6,33) also means locking your doors at night. Loving your neighbor as yourself means not leaving your keys in the ignition or purse on the front seat.

THIS, friend, is what I mean. It means acknowledging that my Scimitar brothers are indeed made imago dei as am I; but (a) are working from a template structurally similar to the primitive sacred and (b) as liable to succumb to temptations to sin as am I.

Till I see more evidence of Scimitar thinkers able to bring critical faculties to the Koran, a value for contrition and repentance, an equal respect for persons of other faiths - I stand by this post. Best

Athos said...

Let me add this: I think the Spengler article, The pope, the president and politics of faith, says it as well as can be said. I wouldn't go so far as Gen @ Real Clear Religion and say Muslims should fear BXVI - fear connotes a real doubling relationship.

I am advocating the kind of caution and wisdom that we see in Ananias when Saul (soon to be Paul) needed conversion and catechesis. Otherwise, I think we're flirting with the temptation the early Church had with martyrdom: overzealous Christians wanting to follow their Lord and looking for martyrdom when it was not called for or necessary.

"Be prepared", realize we are ALL fallen but made imago dei, and if necessary stop violence with use of legitimate defense - NEVER in mimetic retaliation. That's the best I can do!