Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Vocational Discernment - Spiritual Direction

Like magic - a post by Amy Welborn pointed to Aimee Milburn's blog, Historical Christian - Musings of a Roman Catholic Convert and her post On Vocational Discernment and Spiritual Direction, and behold it appears here. Recently the Massketeers have posted and commented on the troubled state of fatherhood and I have indirectly linked one’s calling or vocation to fatherhood with another’s calling or vocation to the priesthood. These are important ‘vocations’ that society has attempted to deconstruct and trivialize. We can help the vocations of fatherhood and priesthood by our reverent participation in the Body of Christ and bringing forth prayers and people seeking discernment and spiritual direction.

So if you are feeling sheepish a solid tool that we can hold out for people is spiritual direction – not only to help with direction for one’s life, but also as a calling or vocation to consider. Just as in my parish, we pray daily for more people to enter the religious life, we can pray for more people to help with that discernment process.

Look for my comment in the link On Vocational Discernment and Spiritual Direction.


Athos said...

Like your namesake in Dumas' classic, Aramis, you are on a noble quest: spiritual direction. Keep up the good work.

Porthos said...

That's an excellent and helpful post over at Aimee Milburn's. Thanks for linking it. The comment thread on that one is also quite good, though long (I did not read most of the comments).