Saturday, March 17, 2007

COV&R Conference

I am rather impressed by the focus and scope of the 2007 Colloquium on Violence and Religion (COV&R) conference in Amsterdam. It seems to me that the organization is finally living up to its name post 9/11. Maybe Fr. Andre Lascaris has something to do with this one.


Athos said...

Excellent notice, Porthos. 'Wish I could attend. Does anyone know about this Michael Kirwan fellow, and his book, Discovering Girard?

I've missed seeing or hearing about it to date.

Athos said...

The links at the COVR site are fine. Girard's video interview is superb.

His insights on the 10 commandments vs. hedonism; competitiveness vs. aggression; the importance of the "simplistic" yet essential concepts of Heaven, Purgatory, Hell; and sacrifice are all worthy wading through the Italian questions and translations.

Porthos said...

I have Discovering Girard and have glanced through it but have not read it through. (This was a year or two ago, when I was starting to feel the need to get into theological basics rather than recyle Girard basics . . .) If you ask me real hard, I'll read it and give an informal Massketeer review (it's pretty short). Offhand, I think it is like Fleming's Girard primer, and does not have anything breathtakingly new for folks like us that have been through most of the primary and much of the secondary material already.

Thanks for the tip on COV&R resources. I will try to get to them!

Porthos said...

I'm in the middle of the Interview. Thanks! Great stuff, though, as you say, about 1 part English to 3 parts Italiano. I think it deserves a post of its own.

I'd like to hear more from Girard about the 10 Commandments! I hope he can do a book or essay about them. It seems as if they are a source of contemplation for him. I could learn a lot!