Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dominican Sisters of Mary on the Today Show

Following up on vocational discernment...


Porthos said...

Bravo on the embed again, Ath!

This is good news, and news that I've been seeing elsewhere, too. I guess all those dark forecasts on the decline of vocations in the Church that I used to read, not too long ago (like EVERY TIME the media reported ANYTHING on the Church) aren't panning out.

I've been appreciating your vocational talk, which is resonating with me! Like a lot of other things Catholic-related, this topic has been percolating up all about me, as well as in devotions. But I hardly know what any of it means for me at this time.

Thanks again!

David Nybakke said...

Asking for suggestions: got a Methodist in my ecumenical faith group, who prior to the other night only acknowledged reading the Bible as appropriate for Christians, now said that he wants to explore theology. We recently completed CS Lewis, "Mere Christianity" and are half way through NT Wright's "Simply Christian" and maybe he has been influenced by these to think that he is called to explore methods of interpretation... Do you have suggestions as more primer material for him that I could suggest? Know that I present somewhat of a scandal to him, my conversion, and so any direct suggestion of mine that points at RC will most likely not be followed. That is why these 2 recent books may have been just the ticket for him - just off the RC path yet very close. Athos, in the beginning of your conversion whose voice kept whispering through to you?

Athos said...

Thanks, Porthos. I only suggested to Aramis that he embed the You Tube feature on the huge increase in women religious,Aramis did all the heavy lifting.

Aramis, re: your question on interpration (hermeneutics) -- the most obvious one is Violence Unveiled. Can't possibly think of a better one: it gets one into mimetic theory, the Bible, and (at least for me) the Catholic Church (though I know the last chapter is the least confessional thing Gil has ever penned).


Porthos said...

Of course. Sorry, Ar. Can you believe that I saw the byline and had meant to write Aramis but wrote Ath instead, kind of out of habit (no pun intended)? You two have become not-so-monstrous doubles to me.