Saturday, March 24, 2007

Giving up for Lent

Nice article at Godspy about God's mercy and our needs and imperfections.

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Athos said...

Couldn't live without my copy of MAGNIFICAT, Porthos. Fr Cameron's article in Godspy came straight from this month's copy.

BTW, two things:

(1) I am privileged to be sponsoring an eighth grader candidate for Confirmation presently. This experience - being an 'official' welcomer, guide - into full membership in Mother Church is an awesome experience. That this former student would ask me to be her sponsor was a shock, in the first place. In the second, I didn't know what I'd said yes to, so I ran down the hall to ask a colleague.

Today, I accompanied her to Penance in a church filled with other candidates and sponsors. Very moving.

(2) Hamerton-Kelly has a website and a commentary on Revelation that I commend to 3 Massketeer readers at: