Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sheen - Meaning of the Mass +

Archbishop Fulton Sheen may summarily answer a few questions that were raised by Aramis in his post, I Must Remember that I Can Only Invite - The Lord Does the Rest.

This is the second of three clips of Archbishop speaking of the Mass on You Tube, but for me, the most powerful.


Athos said...

I'm sorry. I really thought the good archbishop had something valuable to say regarding our discussion (esp. in clip #2). Best, A.

Porthos said...

Why sorry?

Hey, Jimmy Akin links a relevant Apostolic Exhortation from B XVI (I don't know if this is very recent or not, and apologies if this has already been linked or mentioned below).

Athos said...

Amy Welborn has been excerpting from SC too, leading her readers through significant portions.

Porthos said...

That really is an awfully good Sheen clip, when I finally found time to listen all the way through. I wouldn't mind seeing the other two. There's an echoing of Theology of the Body as well as of the Divine Mercy Chaplet in there.

Athos said...

The beautiful thing about Sheen's presentation is the way he melds the need for sacrifice (Bailie - "There always needs to be sacrifice.") with the beatific initiative of God's grace. Just as the Gospel shows, Jesus intervenes in the world of fallen humanity and offers us a way out, a hand up: here is my offer, you are forgiven, accept it through grace, grow in faith, and your works with give glory to God. You need no longer try to justify yourself by finding a guilty victim on whom to cast your sins.

Sheen says it is analogous to the way higher life offers the same to lower life on the food chain. So, just as a veggie-patty becomes me, I become one with Christ as I die to self.