Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Love Ship"

Not the Love Boat.

This one's for jazz fans.

I guess the 60s weren't all bad, but who was listening to this great stuff in 68?

Charles Lloyd (sax)
Keith Jarrett (piano)
Jack Dejohnette (drums)
?? maybe Dave Holland on bass


David Nybakke said...

Love Ship is awe-so soothing, but nothing quite gets the old bones moving as what Shiverolet presents on this 1957 classic. Leave it to Dawn to come up with the find of the week.

Athos said...

Yeah, saw it earlier, Aramis. You get the feeling that Boris Karlof was just having a really fun time during every second of it watching him sing, conduct, and "cut up." Who knew goth was so old?

Of course, "vamps" were a 20's phenom.

Porthos said...

Harrumph. Philistines.

Maybe I should drop some links to oldMr. Ed You Tubes under your Dore post, Ath.