Tuesday, August 11, 2009

There is more to a good story...maybe it's time we go deeper

DISCLAIMER: I was going to post a bit shorter version of this in the comment section of the post but decided otherwise, I pray you find it (at least somewhat) on target.

Read the wonderful post by Athos Munson-I'm Not Buying It

I would point out a couple things that may be missed in a quick read. First of all Munson's non-response upon being shocked by her husband can be seen in a mimetic way where she refused to be placed in rivalry and becoming a mimetic double. In fact all the way through she was practicing excellent skills at avoiding the usual human instinct to succumb to doubling. (Learn more about mimesis, mimetic rivalry, doubles and more by checking out one of our many links to René Girard in articles and books in our side bar.)

Second I throw out a question: could this scenario happen if it were not grounded in a Christian influence even though the author of the article mentions no connection and in fact Munson and her family may not be Christians, we do not know. But it is time we stopped and observed the structure of things, particularly when the things we are observing have potential for conflict, rivalry and violence (and certainly a time like a separation and/or divorce is a prime example). Though the author may have some of the indicators in error and self-pride can never (at least in the way the article presents pride as self constituted) be listed as a true ingredient for love and peace, we may however read into Laura Munson and her relationship with her husband and family God’s grace. As in Step 2 of AA we must acknowledge that there is something greater here and allow that Power (that "influence" - that Christian influence) to work.

My third remark is from the outside looking in - does it still benefit society, marriage, culture and life to NOT identify the markings of Christianity? Many generations have been raised on some such version of ‘LITE’ where they simply have no clue to the religious significance to their life and consequently their numbness to violence is growing at an alarming rate. As our mentor and friend Gil Bailie wrote: We must "discover or re-discover the deeper anthropological, moral, and religious significance of the New Testament, and to assess its staggering historical ramifications - - - - - " - - - NOT only in the global but in particular our personal lives. Laura Munson gives us a great version of one person who didn't succumb to the impulse of human rivalry, conflict and violence at a very intimate setting.

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D'artagnan said...

enjoyed both posts, especially the deeper insight

Oddly, I have been pondering lately how "we stayed together for the kids" is actually quite a saintly act of true love and sacrifice (if done with a heart for love and sacrifice).