Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It is a Dream I Have

And now, sarcasm, lunacy, and all manner of vices be gone! I wish to speak of higher things.

An unspoken reason that the American Revolution occurred, it seems to me, was the camaraderie yet individuality of its leadership. What comes to my mind at present is the sniping that goes on within and among allies of what Pope John Paul II the Great coined to be a new springtime of evangelization.

What if we had busts of one another - our contemporaries and brothers and sisters in-arms - to fill the niches of our "Tea Rooms", as Thomas Jefferson did:
Jefferson referred to the room as his "most honorable suite" because in it he displayed many likenesses of his friends and American heroes, including busts of Franklin, John Paul Jones, Lafayette, and Washington; the room had a reading and writing arrangement perhaps similar to the one Jefferson kept in his Cabinet; at one time the room had a stove in a semi-circular niche in wall.
There I would have a bust of Mark Shea; there Dymphna; there Gil Bailie; there my fellow Mass'keteers - sort of a Mt. Rushmore effect, you see - Aramis, D'Artagnon, Porthos; there the great man himself, René Girard, and a host of other fellow worthies.

All doubling rivalry merely a post-lapsarian trifle as we fight the good fight of the Church Militant with our many gifts, graces, differences, yet common allegiance to Our Lord and Our Lady and Pope's men (and women) all.

It is a dream I have.


Mark P. Shea said...

I share the dream. It hurts to be bayonetted in the back by one's fellow soldiers.

By the way, anybody who can coin the term "Happy Kampfer" is automatically raised to the level of Awesome in my book.

Athos said...

The honor for the coinage of the term of phrase goes to our brother Porthos, God bless him. Cheers

Michael said...

Is the title of your post a Babylon 5 reference? To G'kar's wonderful little monologue about Narn children playing flutes with Centauri bones? Because if so, you, sir, rock.

Athos said...

Sorry to disappoint, Michael. I am quoting King Arthur's last words to Queen Guinevere in her convent in John Boorman's film, Excalibur.