Saturday, August 29, 2009

Short-sighted Pop Culture Sends Off "Lion"

It is amusing, and a bit sad, the way denizens of the hall of mirrors stoke the flames of the funeral pyre for one of their lions, and feel hurt because the Holy Father hasn't matched their laudatory eulogies.

It speaks reams about the non-Catholic (and cafeteria Catholic) mentality. They simply don't grasp that the Church thinks past individual politicians and the mainstream media's take on them. The Church ponders long and lengthy about the events of millennia ago as though they are part of recent history, and honors the players in the "theo-drama" of salvation history with a voice today as though their votes still count (they do).

Chesterton's "democracy of the dead," however, is reserved for those who strove on Earth to live in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church and her magisterium. This is precisely what pop culture, bipartisan politicians, and denizens of the mimetic swirl want no part of.

Pity. Senator Kennedy may have wanted to get to heaven, and he may. But he was no saintly wannabe by the standards set by the Church. He only qualifies as a saint by the standards established by the secular humanist left. He was their kind of saint.

He had his 47-year tenure on that stage and is honored for it. But in eyes of the Church, it was but a wisp of time. For the Holy Father,
Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos looms much larger, and more eloquently for the needs of our time, than the senator who had a perfect score from NARAL.

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