Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glorious Sons and Daughters

Here's the deal. I used to enjoy going to the movies. This was when violence and killing was not a form of entertainment for box-office junkies. That is to say, when the Christian faith in general (vague, euphemistic, focus-group driven) and Catholic truth in particular (it is, you know) still informed and influenced popular culture.

Now, however, poor blighters pour out millions of dollars - what an industry! - to spend over two hours watching the likes of Brad Pitt (pictured above mugging and earning millions of dollars) do what passes for acting. But his influence far out-passes that of Our Lord in the sad, neo-pagan West.

I do not worship the "right" to bear arms or to use them on fellow human beings (or baseball bats, for that matter).

Oh, yes. And I didn't see "Inglourious Basterds." I've seen more than enough Tarantino for one life (sitting through the trailer was all I needed). Did you? Pity.


Simplex Vir said...

Athos, what was the point behind your comment "I do not worship the "right" to bear arms?

Do you think that this has something to do with these violent movies? I certainly do not support the worship of any right. Worshiping is reserved for the Holy Trinity however I do support and will defend the right to bear arms. Do you find this objectionable or have you allowed the mainstream media to morph your thoughts on why people such as myself value my right to bear arms?

I am just curious, I like most of what you post and could not agree more with your description of this movie by Tarentino, as all of them are sensless and depraved.

Athos said...

SV, I presently have a corn cob up the wazoo re: what is occurring to (a) the once Judeo-Christian West in general and (b) the one-time can-do spirit of US citizens in particular. I feel absolutely helpless to do anything about the former. The 4Mass'keteers is a place where I want to keep presenting an alternative to the decline of common sense, defense of the Magisterium of the Church, an invitation to Marian chivalry, and occasional fun guy stuff.

I believe that keeping a rifle around for varmint control is fine (def. 'varmint' however you want).

However, Inglourious Basterds is a perfect example of what the downward spiral of the American spirit. (a) It is a Gnostic fantasy. Read: If we all get together, hold hands, and hopey-changey enough ... we can rewrite history! Who needs a benevolent, covenant-making, covenant-keeping God who breaks into history, the Word-made-flesh? Hopey-changey! Hopey-changey! I am sick of the denial of the reality of fallen human nature and merely foisting it onto our "evil" doubling rivals.

(b) The movie industry not only is a poor substitute for actually getting a life, it is (i) a theater of Dionysos where the worst aspects of (fallen) human nature can watch some poor 'basterds' meet the Grim Reaper while we pretend we aren't practicing the worship of the primitive sacred just off stage yet still recite the Creed and pretend we're still good Catholics; and (ii) a venue that creates massive egos like (fill in the blank) who make obscene amounts of money and, therefore, believe wrongly they actually ARE intelligent, wise, and able to make statements about reality for the masses.

So! If your masthead featuring 'Inglourious Basterds' is a mocking piece of irony toward the above or those deniers of fallen human nature with their ubiquitous campaign stickers on their Priuses (nothing against Prius, just the campaign stickers), then that's fine with Athos. Cheers

D'artagnan said...

Made it through 1/2 of Reservoir Dogs, but only because animator Bill Plimpton recommended it.

Sadly, Tarentino is now mild compared to some of the new folks on the scene.....into the abyss we go

Simplex Vir said...

OK, now I know from which you speak Athos. Could not agree more. Thanks for taking the time to respond!