Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wonderment and beyond

Now that the inside of your computer screen is properly clean - as clean as the inside of a dog's mouth, as the saying goes - it's time to consider what YOU should be doing about the present crisis.

Do you feel as helpless as an unworthy candidate trying to extricate Excalibur from the stone (see above)? Quite all right, friend. Instead of fretting over global catastrophes, the financial markets, and all manner of woe, it is quite high time to consider the gift that has been given you; namely, the gift of cognizance, life, breath, and the ability to love and be loved, to forgive and be forgiven.

Walker Percy said that we should all come to a moment of having sustained a crisis - like a suicide who realizes he is still alive and pats himself to see if he is still in one piece - sit on our front stoop and gaze in wonderment at the glory of our being.

If you get past that experience, may I recommend a more formalized form of being, that of Marian chivalry? Corpus Christianum is an association of men and women who seek to say Yes! as Our Lady did to the invitation of the Almighty.

We would welcome your company among our merry band of chivalrous knights errant.

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