Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bailie on EWTN Radio

On today's EWTN program, The Good Fight, Gil Bailie was interviewed by Barbara McGuigan. A lively discussion ensued. It might be summarized by the observation of the great German theologian, Hans Urs von Balthasar:

History consists of the mutual intensification of the Yes and the No to Christ.

The work of Marian chivalry is saying "Yes" to Our Lord as Our Lady said her "Yes" to God's invitation at the Annunciation. Bailie pointed out that this entails at times, as Christians, saying "No" to the advocates of the culture of death and the spirit of the age. But this is a tricky undertaking. We aren't to engage in a food fight - read: become mimetic rivals. If this happens, we have lost already.

We witness this in bipartisan bickering. The political party in power gets to say, "We won," smile beguiling smiles, and set the terms of discourse ... as their rivals gnash their teeth and throw spit balls.

"Fighting the good fight" for people of faith in Our Lord means saying "Yes" to Christ our Lord and saying "No" to those who reject Him and His revealed Catholic truth of faith and morals in such a way that behind our "No" to them will (we hope) shine charity rather than mimetic enmity along with concern for the victims of the spirit of the age and culture of death.

Hard work this. But such Marian chivalry practiced with faith, hope, and charity is the vocation of all living in these days.

One last note: I found Bailie's responses to McGuigan's and callers' questions very distilled, concise, and, as usual with all of his work, profoundly helpful to our current situation. For more resources from Bailie and René Girard, see our sidebar (scroll down).

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