Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mark Gauvreau Judge @ Dawn Patrol

Dawn Eden, intrepid gal around town, author, lecturer, and tremendous inspiration to me has a fellow cancer survivor featured at her most recent Dawn Patrol blog, Mark Gauvreau Judge. Mark may be most famous for his How to shave video. But in the video that Dawn features, Mark just happens to be filming outside the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in the District of Columbia.

Just to show how the Holy Spirit works (by coincidences ... wink, wink), I happened to visit the Shrine yesterday morning, the day after my hospital visit to check if the Mitomyacin was working on my cancer. Good news: Yes, it is working - no new lesions or returning old ones, praise God.

Before my check up, I made a promise to visit the statue of the Mother of Mankind just outside the Crypt Church at the Shrine if I got a clean bill of health. I would light a candle of thankfulness to Our Lady and stuff a stiff, new ten dollar bill in the box. (All right, it was a limp, crumpled one - who cares? It was all my mad money.) Though I forgot that the Marine Marathon was being run that day, and my pilgrimage was rerouted endlessly, I fulfilled that mission.

Go watch Mark's video at Dawn Patrol. Then buy his new book, A Tremor of Bliss – Reclaiming Sexual Virtue from the Pagan Left.

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