Monday, March 02, 2009

Going Merrily in the Dark

It is my opinion that Catholics and all people who affirm Christ need to take many deep breaths and breathe many prayers at this time. It is becoming apparent that not only are we facing a crisis of staggering proportions economically and ideologically, but mimetically.

One might think cynical conniving was behind the $550B electronic run on the banks just prior to the elections. One can throw stones a-plenty at the full steam ahead culture of death policies being put in place by the new administration. But the bottom line is, a majority of Americans voted in agreement with a leader who is setting up a stalwart team to implement what looks like the demise of the country in which we live.

Why? René Girard describes the cultural meltdown in wrenching detail through out his life's work on mimetic theory (cf. our Mass'keteers' sidebar collection of all things Girardian).

Therefore, it is truly the time for us to practice Marian chivalry, Franciscan simplicity, and all the virtues in this Lenten Journey through the 'Shadowlands' of our culture's gloaming.

The Church keeps the light of Christ ever burning, ever bright. We must set our lamps on lampstands and not under bushel baskets (Mk 4,21) where and as we can, individually as friends, spouses, parents, students, co-workers. Our Eucharistic and Risen Lord goes with us.

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