Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Danger of the NONES

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Athos said...

Wonderful video again, Aramis. Thank you. I am perceiving two subsets of the western nihilistic strand of the sacred, and Fr Barron seems to thematize them too.

(a) First there is the "NONE" crowd - it is a low grade, softcore brand of nihilism that is typified in what Amy Welborn's late husband wrote about here. The kind who scatter ashes quick and dirty (sorry ...), as though having a physical body in a specific grave is somehow a gruesome thing rather than an incarnational reminder of a God who created all things and called them GOOD.

These are the runners-away from consciousness of mortality; it is unconscionable that they will indeed and absolutely die. It's okay to watch death on TV, movies - but not close to first person singular. No way.

And (b) secondly, there the slap dash attackers of organized religion so-called; and they especially loathe the Catholic Church, for any absolute truths are anathema par excellence. They fear death if possible more than (a) above; for if - IF there is absolute truth, then their project of knocking over all the remaining sticks of truth still standing is ... get ready ... yep ... SINFUL.

These types screech, shout down, and try to overpower truth, goodness, and beauty, so painful are their plaintive Call to the frenzied dancers of the Bacchae (as Euripides knew well). They are all in Dionysus Mandate, too, you know. Cheers