Saturday, February 28, 2009

Zeitgeist - René WHO?

If D'Souza's intellectual credentials as a supporter of the Christian faith give you heart burn, try Peter Joseph’s internet film, Zeitgeist (and The Skeptic’s reductionist review!). This one's for you, Aramis! Happy gnashing of teeth at the lack of Girardian awareness therein.


David Nybakke said...

Like to see all these "intellectuals" locked up in a room with the understanding that there is only 1 rule for getting out - they have to thoroughly digest I See Satan Fall Like Lightning and face the question: Why is the true principle of demystification stated fully only in one religious tradition, the Christian tradition?.

Athos said...

It really is comical to see how these "intellectuals" re-discover and regurgitate hackneyed 19th century schlock that's supposed to make Xtns quake. They don't even say it with the same eloquence.

As per Girard - follow the myth back, back, back to its founding violence origin - THEN we will truly see the similarity between the dying and rising Osiris (Dionysus, Corn King, et al); namely, the ravenous mob and its divinized victim. Selah and so be it. Cheers