Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fire at Holy Name Cathedral

Holy Name Cathedral in downtown Chicago is a very special place for my wife and I. We pray that the fire that broke out this morning around 5:30am is contained and has not damaged the structure beyond repair.


Athos said...

So many people are reeling in grief and troubles. I'm sorry to see this beautiful place that means so much to you and Lady Aramis suffer damage, too.

David Nybakke said...

Here is a mid-day update.

David Nybakke said...

April 2, 2005 my wife and I were visiting Holy Name Cathedral and it seemed a bit odd as we entered there were numerous TV crews all around. Well, April 2, 2005 was the day Pope John Paul II past away and the TV crews were waiting to get in to get an interview with Cardinal George.

We heard the actual news as we observed a small baptism service going on for a little Hispanic boy named Sebastian (I'll never forgot his name). Throughout the baptism the priest, we are not sure who that was, spoke fluent English and Spanish, and told the members of the family about the passing of Pope JPII, using this sad news in his helping everyone understand the significance of baptism: By baptism we share in his death and resurrection. It was a very powerful and moving baptism.

I was going through RCIA at the time knowing that my paper work for my privilege of faith was not going to be back from Rome in time for me to enter the Church at Easter and now it was going to be even longer of a wait.

As we were in downtown Chicago collecting ourselves over the loss of Pope JPII we stopped in a local diner and as we were eating hot dogs and watching TV we actually learned more about our Church than we ever imagined. It was amazing the coverage the Catholic Church was getting and my wife and I were soaking it up.

And, oh by the way, April 2nd is Aramis’ birthday.

Well, anyway we will always have a very special remembrance of Holy Name Cathedral.

Athos said...

Is the cause of the fire under investigation? Any suspicion of arson?

David Nybakke said...

No suspicion of arson at this time. The cathedral has been under major renovation including the replacement of old beams in the high ceiling with new steel beams and it was in this area where they think the fire began. In all cases like this though there is an investigation going on to make sure a cause is found.