Monday, February 16, 2009

Kids at Play in TV Wasteland

Attending my father's 90th birthday bash over the weekend, my youngest son and I spent two nights in a Ramada. We don't have cable at home, so I got to view snippets of commercial television on cable. Kids TV shows my son turned on? Wow. What happened to Warner Bros. cartoons? Tom and Jerry?

Wasteland. Apparently I'm not alone in my thinking. Erin Manning at MercatorNet writes,
It's hard enough for adults to block out the streams of ugliness that can radiate from a television screen. Children don't have that ability; they often find the television mesmerizing, and are captivated by it. At our favorite pizza place, at least, the TV sets are tuned to sports channels and the sound is turned off, so if you sit where the closed-captioned words can't easily be read, the children are relatively free from the intrusion.

But when we stopped in at a fast food chain restaurant the other day, I was annoyed to see that the televisions hanging high overhead on two different walls were tuned to a cable news channel, just like the doctor's office. It seemed terribly incongruous in a restaurant that features clown faces and a "play space" to hear serious and even gory headlines which would then segue inanely into celebrity puff pieces; it made me wonder if the chain shouldn't change the name of their famous children's menu offering to the "mildly depressed meal" ...
Read more of Leaving the Kids to the Village Idiot here.


David Nybakke said...

Oh, what lovely subjects we bring to our blog... on this topic a must see is retired Lt Col David Grossman's video as well as his acclaimed books on violence and need to Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill.

I was involved in 2 different workshops where we had Grossman speak and I can tell you that his message is very powerful and chilling to the bone.

His message was on violence and the media and he brought me to realize how the media left unchecked is so manipulative and as an advertiser I saw this manipulative expertise being used over and over again to sell product or the keep viewers tuned to the station.

Clearly a sign of the greatness of the unchecked West.

David Nybakke said...

Just to clarify my comment on the "unchecked West" I simply mean to address this comment from the article of the post, "From our perspective, the village doesn't want to raise our children; it wants to destroy them." If those of us of the West want to prove our greatness we need to step in and protect our young by putting moral and ethical checks and balances in place where ever Capitalist and other enthusiasts have gotten out of hand within such institutions as TV, entertainment, video games, etc.

I guess the question is, 'will we step in under the Christian mantle or we will usher in Islam to help us do that?' One way or the other we will come to realize that this is a religious matter and it demands that we make a choice - for not to choose is to put all we in the West value at risk.