Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Divine law enters our will - our will becomes one with His - we are really free

Pope Benedict XVI “lectio divina” on the Letter of Saint Paul to the Galatians at Rome's Major Seminary: “Paradoxically, freedom is achieved through service; we become free, we become servants of one another.”
We have been called by the Gospel, we have really been called in baptism, to participate in the death and resurrection of Christ, and in this way we have passed from the 'flesh,' from egoism, to communion with Christ. And so we are in the fullness of the law...By participation in the sacraments, by listening to the Word of God, the Divine Will, the divine law really enters our will, our will identifies with his, they become only one will and thus we are really free, we can really do what we will, because we love with Christ, we love in truth and with truth. Therefore, let us pray to the Lord that he will help us on this path that began with baptism, a path of identification with Christ that is always realized again in the Eucharist.

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