Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Fall

One of the most breathtakingly every-frame-beautiful, devious, archetypal and trustworthy films I have ever seen is The Fall (2006) featuring Lee Pace and a delightful, young Catinca Untaru (both pictured above). Though never ostensibly alluded to - except by carefully placed Crucifixes on hospital walls, Mass being celebrated just off stage, a stolen Host - Providence looms largely in this fantastic tale within a tale of heartbreak, despair, revenge sought (never got), comradeship, Girardian mediation, redemption, and love.

Director Tarsem (The Cell (2000)) keeps viewers in a constant waking dream state; meaning, one is richly rewarded for trusting enough to suspend one's sense of reality to enter this glorious, dangerous, deep enough for an elephant to swim in (one does, by the way), yet shallow enough for a broken little girl to safely explore round every corner.

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