Thursday, February 12, 2009

What If

From a corresponding member of the 4 Mass'keteer, and, I might add, a powerful message:


D'artagnan said...

The first choice in all of this, is sadly that we must first get people to choose to objectively ponder these things. In our Brave New World, people worry more over Xbox or Playstation 3, or Red or White with their dinner

David Nybakke said...

I think you combine our 12 year old with Gianna Jessen, Part One and Part Two and add in Gary Graham and his story HERE you have a powerful platform. Though what D'artagnan says is true, we still must find ways to get the message out.

The next line of attack, at least in my humble opinion, is overcoming the world's unquenchable lust by deepening one's faith and knowledge. This unquenchable lust (for what we do not know) is, in part, driven due to our diminishment of substance "in being" for the sake of identifying with "a model," thinking that this model has obtained selfhood by way of being branded sexaully active.