Saturday, November 29, 2008


Just a post to stay in the game, before I forget how to access!

John Abercrombie (guitar) Jack Dejohnette (drums) Jan Hammer (keyboards) 1974

This is long, and only has a static visual of the album cover, but I used to love this song and was glad to find it on YouTube!


David Nybakke said...

Dear Porthos,

Great addition. Boy, that takes me back to those early '70s when I so often became one with an over-stuffed chair. WOW.

Athos said...

Yeah, Porthos. When it rains it pours - great.

Forgive my lack of sophistication, but like Aramis, I remember zooing out in the commons room of Bishop Roberts Hall to this vintage stuff. And no, I never inhaled ...

David Nybakke said...

"And no, I never inhaled ..."

Ah, you're a better man than I dear Ath. And being an athletic I could sure inhale.

Athos said...

Okay, so it never made it to my lips. But I had to breathe and I could have left, you know ... Mama told me not to come; Mama told me not to come. She said, That ain't the way to have fun, son