Thursday, November 06, 2008

How Satan Laughs

This is the simple fact of the matter, gruesome though it be. Those so inclined to be praying folk would do well to employ their efforts in that area, recalling that the biblical G*d is One of astonishing forbearance, mercy and steadfast love [hesed, agapn].

For those who believe this election was about racism, remember: abortion has killed more African-Americans than handguns, than war, than racist violence. And - again - who is the most pro-abortion president-elect in the history of the United States? Let that sink in.

If the New York Times and Washington Post had stated this clearly and forthrightly, maybe, just maybe, the Holy Spirit would have got through to the hearts of many Americans. Their silence on abortion realities was deafening - be it on their heads.

Child sacrifice was always the primary indicator of paganism. And even forbearing mercy has its limits.


David Nybakke said...

Dear Ath,

How Satan Laughs...

Very good. Very good and very sad in the standpoint that in our congested, contrived and artificial lives we simply "pay" (economically, pleasure-wise) attention to Satan's mezmerizing tune "what's-in-it-for-me" which has us dancing merrily along.

Even in supposedily (and who is going to argue) good social justice efforts, as long as one supports death and murder through abortion, ones' efforts are not directed from the heart but rather from a perverse and idolatrous attraction to Satan. People may "feel good" doing good merrily singing along to Satan's tune while around the corner abortionists kill more and more lives.

In today's world we cannot grasp this simple biblical fact that choosing Life takes precedent over economics (and even ourselves). Child sacrifice has been and now will continue even more entrenched as our primary means of maintaining cultural harmony as we skip along with the pied piper.

Athos said...

In these days of post mortem examination, recriminations, finger pointing, and general scapegoating going on among right-wingers, it is heartening to have Girard's mimetic theory and a firm grasp of ontological relation with our Source and Summit.

Honestly, looking around the blogsphere, it is giving me a healthy dose of reality to see that the Right truly is embodied in Euripides' Pentheus: merely the mirror-image of the Leftist sacrificial modality.

I fully agree with the Bishops' words that we had to vote against the pro-abortion candidate. However, that makes for vvery strange bedfellows with reps of the Right at times.