Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So what's your "wolf" rating?

When "wolf" Brent Libby visited Jeff Wheeler of Green Valley Baptist to niggle over a theological point, Wheeler cut to the chase and told Libby he'd been warned about his argumentative spirit. Libby was stunned and angry, but has since reformed. He now debates his ideas in national online chat rooms so not to poison local relationships. He also lobbied to have his file removed from WolfWarning.
"I'm practicing positive behavior," he says. "They've already lowered my wolf rating to 1."

Read the article HERE.

I know some in the Catholic Tradition who would like to establish a "wolf" rating for the priest (particularly after this past election). "Oh the priest at this parish is a stickler for all church teachings and doctrines, but the priest over at that parish lets it all slide."

So do you think we need "wolf" ratings for parishioners and for priests alike?

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