Tuesday, April 29, 2008

With Love and Longing to Reciprocate Such Love, to Give Him Life for Life

Hat tip to Doctors of the Catholic Church and Magnificat

Meditation of the Day

“I will send the Advocate to you.”

What heart will be so hard and stubborn as not to be moved at the sight of such infinite love and the great dignity we have been given – and not because God owed it to us, but by his grace? None of us could look at this and contemplate it without transcending all sensuality, all our hardness and foolishness dissolved. When we see and know our own non-being and God’s goodness to us in giving us being and every grace that is added onto being, we will receive the most perfect light and knowledge of ourselves. Let your heart and soul be set afire in Christ gentle Jesus, with love and longing to reciprocate such love, to give him life for life. He gave his life for you: decide now to give your life for him, blood for blood…

That very charity, the Holy Spirit, with his hands has given and continues to give us God. He is constantly serving us every grace and gift, spiritual as well as material. How foolish, then, for you or anyone else to stay away from such delight! It seems to me every one of us should go – even on all fours if we can’t walk upright – to demonstrate our love for him by giving him our lives for the love of Life, to use our bodies to expiate our sins and failings just as we have used our bodies to offend.
– Saint Catherine of Siena (+ 1380), Doctor of the Church, was a Dominican, stigmatist, and papal counselor.

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