Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Speaking of the Sword of Eternal Truth

(h/t to Athos at Chronicles of Atlantis)

Rich Leonardi from the Seditious Catechist blog quotes PETER BRONSON at The Enquirer who notes something that a small group of us converts observed this past Monday at a funeral of one of our priests, Father Dacian. Peter Bronson writes,

...somewhere during the funerals for two fallen firefighters April 9, I thought: Nobody does this better than the Catholic Church. When an uncertain world cruelly reminds us how fragile life can be, the magic, tradition, ritual and beauty of a mass soothes the aching heart. It speaks of eternal truth.

He goes on in the article:

This pope is a spiritual warrior against moral relativism.

"He believes there are clear truths in the world. That human dignity and human rights are rooted in faith," Fernandes said. "He wants us to get back to basics."

Benedict is a fierce defender of traditional marriage, which he calls the basic "cell" of society's body, where we learn justice, peace and love - eros and agape.

"One of the fundamental truths is that families are at risk and we need to fight for families," Fernandes said. "If the family is constantly under attack, if society is collapsing due to the collapse of the family, how can we expect peace to take root?"

If eternal truth is a two-edged sword, it cuts deep into the decay of moral relativism. That's painful for people who prefer bendable, harmless, Nerf truth. It's easier to just ignore eternal truth. Or distort it. Or attack it.

"The Catholic Church seems to be one of the last institutions standing up for marriage, the unborn, the rights of the elderly and the downtrodden," Fernandes said.

Pope Benedict won't back down from that tradition. That's why his visit means so much in this uncertain world.

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