Monday, August 20, 2007

What is it good for?

Bruce Bawer writes at length on "Peace" agitation/education in City Journal. H/T Instadpundit.

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Athos said...

Bawer has somehow pulled back far enough to see the ramifications of the totalitarian nature of modernism. What is astonishing is the simplistic and naive rejection in modernism of its own source: namely, that which gave the West its ethos, morality, and ethics, the Catholic Church. (If this seems like a leap, cf. Belloc, and, most recently, historians like Eamon Duffy.) "Legitimate defense" is a part of the tradition taught by the Church, and, unless we gainsay Our Lord's own words (Mtt 5,17), the law is a necessary part of human sanity and civility, unlike what Bawer calls the preaching of the "Peace Racket" bunch. Good article, Porthos.