Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Deepest Longings of Every Human Heart

Pope Benedict XVI said under sunny Italian skies yesterday that "The supreme human good is found in Christianty." This, one must suppose, is why our friend, good pal, and mentor Gil Bailie says that Christianity is not merely another "world religion." Yet it sounds like an end-zone dance, doesn't it?

Compare the teachings of Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular -- the guardian of the deposit of faith down through the long centuries -- to any other large body of monotheists in our world (of about a billion persons) when it comes to vengeance, or forgiveness, or the steadfast, unconditional love of God. How do these sets of beliefs match up? Where is there truly good news of a great joy which will be to all the peoples?

No wonder that the Holy Father can say with certainty, “By purifying our hearts and progressing in holiness, we are drawn to the vision of God and thus to the satisfaction of the deepest longings of every human heart”.

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