Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Monastic Witness

This is not a painting ...

When you read the news, do you think that you have died and awakened in an alternative universe? a perverse, bizarre place where you know not the rules (there aren't any) nor the values (there is only one - free rein to desire)?

I suggest an antidote here. It is Father John Zuhlsdorf's sharing of Saint Mary Magdalene Monastery in Le Barroux, France, traditional Benedictines in full communion with the Holy See. Watch the embedded video. Listen to their chanted prayers and psalms. Let your eyes play over the images Fr Z has there.

Here is an update.

The monastic has a vital effect on me. I thank God for the witness of the monks whose prayers, I am convinced, keep our old world from blowing itself up (so far).

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