Thursday, June 25, 2009

Come Home Out of the Storm

It becomes increasingly apparent that as the sacrificial vortex tightens and increases its velocity that the shreds of a Christ-haunted West will soon be totally unrecognizable. Our commander-in-chief while trying to maintain an above-the-fray mien is merely the froth on the cauldron; meaning, his leadership is a microcosm of the vortex itself. The professorial aloofness may be calming, but it bespeaks the professional priest-class nature of leadership he has assumed. In terms of the primitive sacred, let that last sentence sink in with every possible meaning.

And a host of special interests - from Greens/climate changers to ACORN types - claim prestige and therefore power. None claim truth, however. The vortex doesn't allow for truth; only prestige and power.

But please believe me on this: I do not question their sincerity, just their shamelessness. Every merely human utopian project has ended ... badly.

If persons want to reclaim anthropological (who we are as persons imago dei), epistemological (a grasp of real truth and certitude), ontological (a knowledge of our source and being, God), and soteriological (the Way of eternal salvation) mooring while living in the time of such cultural meltdown, there is only one place to find it.


David Nybakke said...

Excellent post Ath.

Was wondering your opinion - I think people may grasp a sense of epistemological, and ontological but they just have no sense and therefore not much care for soteriological mooring. People just can't get past the here and now. What is your take?

Athos said...

You're lobbing me one, Aramis. Okay, he steps up to the plate, he swings ...

The soteriological is encompassed our grateful response to God's prevenient (that which comes before) love in Christ. We cooperate in our salvation by saying Yes! like Mary to God's saving grace.

In light of today's prestigious deaths, A Little Guide for Your Last Days is an important read for all mortals.