Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Little Guide for Your Last Days

READ D'artagnan post HERE on Athos' new book that has just been released, A Little Guide for Your Last Days.

We will maintain the link to Athos' book on the right side bar of our blog for easy reference.

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Athos said...

Thank you, gentlemen. Little Guide can be summed up in these words by Cardinal Vingt-Trois:

(Being a ) Christian means adhering to Someone who is not a cultural object. Christ has certainly been carried by the culture called Christian, but it is not about that, it is about the person of Jesus. It's not about cultural renewal.

Being gifted with the knowledge of one's mortality is also a call to enter most deeply in relation with the Blessed Trinity - as deeply as is possible before our death. Little Guide is all about exactly this.

BTW, as a hint, that is what Mother Church is all about, too: helping persons enter most deeply into that blessed relationship. "Cultural renewal" is a by-product of this work; the other way round is a reversal of gospel priorities and is bound to go amiss. Thanks again.