Sunday, June 14, 2009

The latest and best Cursillo ever!

Another successful Cursillo weekend - bringing many more into the love of Christ!

I am always humbled to my knees during each and every Cursillo that I have been blessed to do palanca. I am continually brought back to the vast majority of lay persons who usually have some regular church attendance but who may not have truly experienced the love of Christ through the Church. Simple and ordinary folks coming together in love - not hashing out doctrine or theology but embracing one another and helping each to find their place in the body of Christ.

Some people look for all the spiritual highs and what they can get out of each "event" and never look at how they might be called to help - maybe the person next to you in the pews is someone searching yet not knowing in what direction to turn, they may need you to share their walk into something like Cursillo.

Oh, excuse me, for those unaware of what a Cursillo is click HERE!

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Athos said...

Which reminds me of one of my favorite jokes.

St. Patrick wanted to go down and enjoy the festivities on his feast day. St Peter said, "Now, Patrick, you know what always happens: you are LATE after all the partying, and I have to open the Pearly Gates for you after they've been closed and locked. I won't have it!"

But St Patrick implored him and, with a promise not to be late again, went down to enjoy the festivities.

But it was a long time, esp. with all those Irish pubs to visit in New York, Chicago, and elsewhere.

The Pearly Gates were locked up tight and St Patrick shouted through the keyhole. "PETER, let me in!"

"I'm thinkin' not, Patrick! You KNOW what I said. Now, forget it, you Irish lout! I'll not be opening the Gates for ye t'night! You can sleep on the steps for all I care."

But St Patrick, thinking, called out, "All right, Peter, you're right, of course. But one last thing, Peter:

Cockadoodle doo ...